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The Similarities

Drop-in format,  taking place at regular

intervals - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

Each session is stand-alone, and there

is no expectation to join each session.

Intended to be more of a social experience where you gather in community with others while taking time for yourself out of your busy week. Witnessing of art can happen but will not be structured into the session. Can be held in-person or online. 

The Differences

Clubs focus on a specific theme or population.

Open Studios focus on creating art with others and being witnessed. While I will provide a prompt each session, I encourage participants to create whatever it is they need that day.

Clubs & Open Studios


Clubs are $10 per 1 hour session

Open Studios are $15 for a 2 hour session


Rates are subject to change.

All Rates are per person.

Current Clubs & Open Studios

Watch this space for upcoming clubs and open studios

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