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Inside an Art Therapy Session

While every art therapist has their own way of facilitating sessions, here is how 60-minute sessions can look when working with me.

Checking in: 5-15 minutes.

You choose a tea flavour as you settle in. We each check-in using a metaphor. Examples include objects, weather, animals, trees, etc. Following up on previous conversations and naming new pieces as they come up. 
Working with art materials, or resourcing: 20-30 minutes.

You choose how and what you would like to create:
  • I can offer a planned activity,

  • You can create spontaneous art,

  • You can resource yourself by selecting materials for a future session, or

  • We can chat and not make art.

If you choose to make art or resource yourself:
You choose how I interact with you. 
I can sit silently holding space, 
I can make art alongside you, or 
We can work collaboratively – creating something together.

Witnessing and/or processing your art: 15-25 minutes.

This is a time to reflect on what you have created or resourced. I will ask questions such as “How did the process feel today?” or “I’m curious about…” There are no wrong answers, and you get to decide what you speak about within your art and about how you made it.

Time spent wrapping up and checking back in: 5-10 minutes.

Ending with both of us naming one word of how the session felt, or what we are taking with us from our session.

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