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Clinical 1:1 Art Therapy

Types of Clinical 1:1 Art Therapy I Currently Offer *


  • Sessions are held via video chat


  • Sessions take place outdoors 

  • Walk & talk or create eco art

  • Within the Westshore


* My offerings may be subject to change 



The first step of your journey is a free 30 minute consultation. This will be a conversation over video chat, or if you live in the Westshore of Victoria, we can arrange to meet up in person at the Lagoon, or along the Galloping Goose.

The intention of this consultation meeting is to discuss what art therapy is, to touch on what it is that is bringing you to seek out art therapy for yourself or another. This meeting provides us both with enough information that we can decide if we are the right fit to work with each other, and proceed towards an initial intake meeting.



The first session, following our consultation meeting, will be an intake meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss further what is bringing you to therapy, as well as any relevant medical information, other interventions you have sought out or are currently participating in, as well as, relevant medical history. We will also discuss what your goals for therapy are, and what you feel you need within the therapy space, in order to achieve these goals. Using the information from this session, we will work together in creating a treatment plan.

Subsequent Sessions

During the subsequent sessions you will have the option choosing an activity that I feel may fit with where you are in your therapeutic process, or to choose for yourself what you want to create during the session. It is always up to you whether or not you create art during our sessions. If you have chosen to create an art object, once you are finished, we can look at your art, and speak about your process, your choices in materials, and any symbols or metaphors you see in the art. There will be sessions where we create art, and others where we will talk; I will follow your lead. I will meet you where you are, moving at a pace that feels manageable to you.

Please view the Inside a Session page for further information of what to expect within our sessions.



As with most things in life, there will eventually be an ending to our journey together. When you are approaching a point of achieving the goals you set at the beginning of therapy, we will have conversation around what you are needing as we start to prepare to end therapy. Once you have achieved your goals, we can decide together how many additional sessions we will have. This is your journey, so you get to be the one deciding how we end. 

Individual art therapy might be a good fit for you if you:

  • find it hard to articulate how it is you are feeling, or talk about traumas you have experienced

  • are drawn to being creative in your daily life, and are curious how artmaking and therapy work together.

  • are not drawn to being creative, but also, you have things you want to explore, and you do not want to talk about it – at least until you know your therapist and feel comfortable with them.

  • are experiencing life transitions and you are seeking support shining the light inward to better understand yourself and how to proceed in a way that feels manageable to you.

  • would like to discover what sustains you, and ways of incorporating self-care into your daily life.



I have a limited amount of sliding scale spots available.

Please contact me for further information.


Rates are subject to change.

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